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We are looking for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. Students with passions and enthusiasms towards science and engineering are welcome! If you are interested in joining “Laboratory for Soft Material Nanophysics”, please email to “soyounkim at unist.ac.kr”.


(Graduates office) +82-52-217-2616

Na Kyung Kwon

KakaoTalk_20180313_210954347Since 2015 spring

   B.S.: UNIST, Biomedical Science / Nano-chemistry Science

   Theme: Understanding the Correlation between the Microstructure and Physical Properties of Polymer Melt/Solution Using Surface Modified Particles

   e-mail: yohoo@unist.ac.kr

Ye Chan Kim

2018-03-09-17-43-13  Since 2015 spring

  B.S. : UNIST, Chemical Engineering  / Nano-chemistry Science

  theme : Self-assembly of block copolymer nanostructures and their ordering kinetics control

  tools : Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/GISAXS), high-resolution imaging (AFM/SEM), nano-fabrication (RIE/photolithography) and 2D image analysis using numerical algorithms

  e-mail : kyc3537@unist.ac.kr

Yul Hui Shim

Since 2015 Fall

  B.S. : UNIST, Nano-chemistry Science / Energy Conversion & Storage

  theme: Microstructure Control of Macroscopic Graphene Fibers using Colloidal Properties of Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystal Suspension and its Structure Change under Shear

 tools: SAXS, Rheometer, DLS, SLS, POM

  e-mail: tladbfgml@unist.ac.kr

Dong Hyup Kim

KDH_2019 APS Since 2016 Spring

 B.S. : UNIST, Chemical Engineering / Energy Conversion & Storage

 Theme : Self-assembly of block copolymers in thin films and at the air/water interface, and their combinational study

 e-mail : d.h.kim@unist.ac.kr

Sol Mi Oh

OSM  Since 2017 Spring

  B.S. : UNIST, Chemical Engineering / Energy Engineering

  theme : Microstructure and rheological properties of polymer nanocomposites changed by interfacial layers in the non-equilibrium state

  e-mail : ohsolmi0802@unist.ac.kr

Sohjin Mun

SMprofilem Since 2017 Fall

  B.S. : UNIST, Chemical Engineering / Energy Engineering

  theme : Tunable Liquid Crystallinity of Graphene Oxide by Polymer Crystallization, and Investigation of Polymer Composites through SAXS and WAXS study

  e-mail : msojin1993@unist.ac.kr

Ga Young Kim

KakaoTalk_20190401_215926344Since 2019 Spring

  B.S. : KAIST, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

  Theme : Analysis of initial state effect and microstructure difference according to the drying condition of polymer nanocomposite

  E-mail : gayoungkim@unist.ac.kr


Seung Won Kim

swkimage 2019.03 – ing

Awards and Fellowships

2019          Ye Chan Kim               Encouragement Prize, 25th Samsung Humantech Paper Award

2018          Dong Hyup Kim          Best Poster Award, ENGE 2018

2018          Yul Hui Shim               Outstanding Graduate Student Award, UNIST

2018          Ye Chan Kim               Best Paper Award, Fall Meeting of PSK

2018          Soh Jin Mun                Best Poster Award, Fall Meeting of SRPS

2018          Sol Mi Oh                     Best Poster Award, Fall Meeting of SRPS

2018          Soh Jin Mun                Excellent Paper Award, Spring Meeting of KSIEC

2017          Dong Hyup Kim          Outstanding Graduate Student Award, UNIST

2017          Yul Hui Shim               Excellent Paper Award, Fall Meeting of KSR

2017          Sol Mi Oh                     Outstanding Poster Award, Fall Meeting of IUPAC-FAPS

2017          Dong Hyup Kim          Global Ph.D. Fellowship, NRF

2016          Yul Hui Shim               Outstanding Poster Award, Fall Meeting of IUPAC-PSK40

2016          Na Kyung Kwon          Global Ph.D. Fellowship, NRF

2015          Ye Chan Kim               Soft Matter Fellowship, IBS

2015          Na Kyung Kwon          Best Poster Award, Fall Meeting of PSK

Previous Members



Young Min Seo (2014. 06 – 2014. 08)

Seung Kee Shin (2014. 06 – 2014. 08) – 동서발전

Do Hyun Lee (2014. 06 – 2014. 11)

Chang Seo Park (2014. 12 – 2015. 12) – POSTECH

Jeong Uk (2015. 07 – 2015. 12)

Min Ji Park (2015. 08 – 2015. 12) – Samsung SDI

Yu Na Shin (2015. 12 – 2016.06) – LG chem

Dong Woo Jo (2016. 02- 2016.06) – S-oil

Young Hoon Jung (2016. 06 – 2016.12)

Dong Min Oh (2016. 06 -2016.12)

Woo Jin Go (2016. 06 – 2016.12)

Min-Kyu Baek (2016.12 – 2017.06)

Soo Yeon Park (2016.12 – 2017.06)

Jun Young Lee (2017.01 – 2017.08)

Young Chae (2017.06 – 2017.12) – LG hausys

Hyeonjin Cho (2017.06 – 2017.12)

So Hyeon Lee (2017.12 – 2018.04)

Jaegeon Jo (2017.12 – 2018.06) – LG display

Woo Bin Choi (2017.12 – 2018.06)

Dae Hyeon Kim (2018.07)

Yeonggyun Choo (2018.06 – 2018.12)

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